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Meet Me at The Met

Top: Blank NYC / Jeans: Uniqlo (here) / Shoes: Topshop

If you know me, you know one of my favorite perks of living in NYC is access to some of the best museums. I have a membership to the American Museum of Natural History and am a frequent visitor of the Guggenheim; but the Met will always hold a special place in my heart.

First of all, name a girl in her 20s who can't think of Blair from Gossip Girl's iconic lunch spot on the Met steps. That was "goals" before goals was even a thing! Anyway, from the steps, to the gorgeous fountains, the exterior is a work of art in itself. Then you walk in and the options are endless. From the permanent collections to the changing exhibits, there is always something new to see and the Met is the perfect place to bring out of towers. In the past year my favorite exhibits have been Hockney and Heavenly Bodies. So different but both so beautiful and interesting. I write more about the Heavenly Bodies exhibit in the newsletter I wrote for Your Weekend Plans.

So this weekend, escape the heat of New York City and head to the Met for a couple hours. Trust me, it won't disappoint. AND you can end your day of art at the rooftop bar for a glass of rosé and a gorgeous view of the park. Ideal? I think so!!!



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