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Happy Socks in the Hamptons

Socks: Happy Socks (here)

It is finally time to address the reason why I wear longs and longs every day, even in the summer, and ALWAYS carry a denim jacket: I am cold. It's plain and simple. Even at work I am draped in my desk blanket and curled around a space heater. And because of this, shooting content for summer is difficult. There is a constant internal battle between showing readers what I actually wear v.s. showing what I think is cute and trendy summer apparel.

When I discovered the brand, Happy Socks, I knew I just had to reach out as there is nothing I love more than a cute high sock to cover my continually cold feet. The brand sent me my choice of three pairs of socks and to be honest, I haven't taken them off. You can ask anyone who has seen me this week what my go-to lounge outfit has been and they will without a doubt say my leggings, a sweatshirt, and these heart Happy Socks. And you better believe I will be buying more!


Hailey Lane

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Martin Evans
Martin Evans
05 de out. de 2021

Great reading your blog ppost

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