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Life Update: I Got Laid Off

The end of 2019 was my time. Truly! I had just received my dream job in social media, my personal brand was thriving and I launched my biggest partnership, and I was going on dates left and right. Fast forward a few months and BAM a global pandemic hits and things started to crumble before my eyes.

Like hundreds of thousands of people across the country, I lost my job during the ongoing COVID-19 breakout. Not being one to sugarcoat, let me just say it SUCKED (and still does). I feel like I was dumped. But thanks to family and friends, I've managed to stay sane and keep everything in perspective. I am super lucky to have been able to get away for a little while and to have my blog and family to help support me during this time - mentally and financially. I couldn't be more thankful. Now I am no expert, but I decided to list out some things that have helped me get through this.

1. Rely on those around you! I didn't realize how many people I know are in the same boat because getting laid off isn't something most people want to talk about. Get advise from friends and family. THEY ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU!

2. Take time to think about what you really want and think of steps on how to get there. With steps, you have small victories that you can reach leading up to the big overarching goal.

3. Rework your resume! Take the time to put everything into it. I've spend the past day reorganizing my resume and drafting what I want it to say about me and my experience.

4. Exercise as much as you can. My mom use to always say that even just walking helps. And to quote a favorite movie (Legally Blonde), "Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy."Take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour everyday and focus on your overall health.

5. Get off social media. Now I know this is hard - but it will help. I no longer have to see the WFH memes and people talking about their jobs. It's a nice reprieve and will totally help your mental health.

Hope these help! And if anyone wants to talk, I'm only one DM away.



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