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Starting a Podcast 101


Let me start by saying I hate to write. Not something you would typically hear from a "blogger" but it's true. I hate it. Growing up, I dreaded any exam that required long form answers and was constantly being told that I needed to elaborate and finish my thoughts. But, when you have a lot of thoughts like I do, you tend to jump from one to the other without fully explaining anything.

Now if you are asking if I hate writing why I started a blog then the answer is simple - I have so much I want to share and this was the only true platform until more recently. Think about it, if you want information you go to a website. BOOM! Simple. But over time, I realized that I called myself a blogger but never blogged. And not to pull a Carrie Bradshaw but I got to thinking, if I'm truly not a blogger (and I REFUSE to call myself an influencer) then what am I? How do I share my content?


Fast forward a few months and I'm walking to work LISTENING TO A PODCAST, and it hit me like gross air conditioner water in NYC: I should start a podcast. I mean, why not? They are becoming increasingly more popular and can be listened to at anytime. So I bought a mic.

But now what? I have a microphone but no name, no idea how to record or edit a podcast or even how to get it online. Insert: google. I spent a full week doing research on podcasts and even listened to a podcast on how to start a podcast #meta. I learned that I can record and edit on Garage Band and use the website to host my podcast and then they pretty much send it out for you. However there is something that no one told me that I need to tell all of you... YOU NEED TO MAKE A PODCAST ACCOUNT ON ITUNESCONNECT. And yes, all caps was necessary because that is how many people consume podcasts and it takes a couple days to be approved.


I am not 100% sure where Sneaks in the Studio is going but I know I want it to focus on social media - whether that is working in marketing and PR, being an influencer, or even dating in the digital age. This is a time unlike any other and to be honest, we need all the help we can get.

x, Hailey

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