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Show: Love Island UK

Where to watch it: Hulu

What I love about it: I don't typically love reality TV but there is something so raw about Love Island. This show is filmed Sunday-Friday and actually airs EVERY NIGHT. The best part? The audience gets to vote! While the first USA version of this classic UK show just ended, make sure to binge the UK version for the accents, gorgeous people, and amazing slang.

Next Binge

Show: The Mick

Where to watch it: Hulu

What I love about it: I haven't even watched a trailer for this but according to my best friend, Melissa, "It's funny and there are only two seasons so it's quick. 10/10 recommend."

All time favorite

Show: The Office

Where to watch it: Netflix

What I love about it: I don't even know what to say about this show that hasn't already been said. The dry humor and love stories have me laughing my a$$ off and swooning all at the same time. Here's a lil tip for you: the first season is a little slow but STICK WITH IT! It gets better and better. And for all those existing office fans, here's a Buzzfeed quiz to learn which character you are! :)

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