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The Headband You Need

Let’s be real - the headband trend is back in full force and some companies are taking advantage. I mean, who wants to purchase a hair accessory for anything over $20?!

I ordered this pack of six headbands from Amazon and they literally look like Lele Sadoughi headbands but for a fraction of the price. The best part? They have both cool and warm tone options to go with everyone's skin types. They are made of satin fabric and elastic plastic so it stays in place and the two ends of the headband are wrapped with fabric to avoid scalp scratches.

I strategically wore these all summer to hide grease and frizz but still look cute because lets face it - nothing can stop the insta-story. These headbands truly fit so nicely don’t sit too tight (aka, no excruciating headache).

Have you been into the headband trend? If so, make sure to comment or DM me your favorites or any dupes you want me to find!

xo, hailey

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