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The Mad Hatter

I live for a good hat. Whether it be a beanie, newsboy, or even a baseball cap. So needless to say, when this wide-brimed beauty was brought into my life, I was hooked. All I could think of was what I could wear it with and low much longevity I could get out of it. In this look, it was all about showcasing the main accessories by wearing neutral tones. The black, white, and grey, brought out the emerald and it didn't scream "HEY CHECK OUT MY CRAZY HAT!!!!"

Some other ways I would style this are with blue jeans, a white tee, and a denim jacket (of course) or even with a midi dress and a great pair of booties. It all really depends on your style!

You can shop a similar look to the one I went with here:

Sweater: Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific

Jeans: J Brand

Hat: American Eagle

Booties: Shutz



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