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How My Insecurities Held Me Back

When people ask how I got into blogging or why I started my blog, I cringe thinking about the months leading up to my spontaneous launch of sneaks. Starting a blog always seemed to me like something "perfect" people did. Everyone I saw was gorgeous, skinny, and always had their lives together. It was like every blogger out there had no bad days, so in turn, I thought I couldn't start something until I had everything in my life figured out (including the crippling social anxiety I had at the time).

Months turned into years that I was putting off starting a journey that I so desperately wanted to start but to be honest, I truly never felt good enough. Then one day, I realized there MUST be others out there, like me, looking for that relatable person online. In that moment, I bought a domain and set up my Instagram page, and Sneaks to Stilettos was born. For a while it was my secret place to build my confidence and hopefully show others that to put yourself out there, you don't have to have it all together. There can be bad days.

I am so fortunate to have put most of those insecurities behind me because I have met such an amazing group of people on the internet who really do care about each other. Yes, there are still bad days (more than I'd like to admit), but finding my niche not only feels great to me, but hopefully it encouraches others who are/were struggling what I was struggling with.



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