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25 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 25

One of my favorite parts of my birthday is reflecting the growth I made over the past year. This year, in particular, was a big one. I started my blog, focused on my mental health, and moved to my dream apartment. However, it was also a year of personal struggles. As I turn 25, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself somethings that would eased my mind and since I technically can't do that, I'll tell all of you!

1. DO NOT sweat the small stuff! -- Now I can't tell you this will be easy, but I've decided to stop and reflect before having a signature Hailey freak out.

2. EOMO (excitement of missing out) > FOMO

3. Never let insecurities stop you -- I waited years to start Sneaks because I never felt like I was at my best self and eventually I realized that is what made me, me.

4. Focus on physical health. It isn't just to look your best but to feel your best.

5. CHILL on the shopping.

6. ALWAYS be compassionate -- you never know what someone else is going through.

7. Not everyone has the same perspective as you.

8. Communication is key.

9. Only focus on what matters most -- friends, family, and your dreams

10. Be happy you didn't peak in high school. The best is yet to come.

11. It's better to forgive then hold a grudge.

12. It's okay to be the only one out of your friends without a boyfriend (even though it doesn't feel great at the time).

13. Quality over quantity when it comes to everything!

14. Say yes to that spontaneous weekend getaway.

15. That extra slice of pizza doesn't matter in the long run.

16. Not everything is a competition.

17. Stop playing games (with boys - not in general because janga and cards against humanity are a great time)


19. Believe in something.

20. Hold on to your best friends, you're gonna need them if shit hits the fan.

21. Be honest -- tell people how you feel, what you want to do, and more importantly, what you want for dinner (because we all know you really do know).

22. Make your bed every morning (yes, I said every morning) because that will already be one thing off your daily to-do list.

23. Speaking of, make a to-do list.

24. Put your phone away at dinner -- chat with the gals!

25. It will ALLLLL work out!



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1 Comment

You have come a long way my girl! Couldn't be more proud of you!!!

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