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Denim on Denim on Denim

Jacket: Gap / Top: J Brand (similar) / Shoes: The Shoe Box (here)

This is the story of a die hard leggings fan turned denim fanatic. I know all the legging gals out there are gasping but it's true. It happened. First of all, let me introduce you all to American Eagle and UNIQLO jeans. They are absolutely like changing. Super stretchy and make every outfit look even more put together. These black jeans started my obsession. I then moved on to denim tops (I have three) and my biggest love: denim jackets. You will catch me in a denim jacket from mid March until November. They are the perfect warmth and the different styles really can work with any outfit.

Lastly, let me tell you about these The Shoe Box shoes. I cannot rave about them enough. They are the ideal denim color and are super comfortable. I can't wait to rock them all summer and show you all more ways to style them. Let's keep the denim days going!

xo, Hailey Lane

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