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Going Coat Crazy

Coat: Zara (similar here) / Hat: Scoop (similar here) / Shoes: The Shoe Box

What you’ll learn about my style is that I prefer to keep it as simple as possible – jeans, tshirt, etc. – and then add some great accessories. My current obsession is coats and blazers! I have a whole section of my closet dedicated to statement coats. Tweed, leather, denim, mixed, the more the merrier!

I got this one at Zara while visiting my brother in Hong Kong so not only is it one of my most beautiful pieces, but also it has sentimental value. I bee-lined to this coat and decided then and there that I NEEDED to have it! It looks like such a high-end piece with the stitching and pearl detailing. It’s both edgy and dainty at the same time.

My favorite way to style this piece is over a casual outfit but it can also be dressed up with a lovely dress and heels. I can’t wait to continue styling this piece and saving it for years to come!!

DAY to NIGHT tips: Switch the blue jeans for black and the white cotton tee for something more fitted.

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