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My First Fashion Week

Having only started Sneaks and Stilettos a little less than a year ago, I thought that Fashion Week was so out of my league. I was comfortable watching my favorite bloggers and attend shows and after parties from the comfort of my phone (most likely in my sweats). However, after speaking to a couple other micro-influencers, I realized there was no harm in just reaching out to my favorite brands and PR agencies in the city. What was the worst they can say? No? That is when my road to fashion week started...

One Month Before NYFW:

I began reaching out to the PR agencies to introduce myself as an upcoming blogger. Just a simple introduction with my media kit, nothing flashy. This, I thought, would at least put me on their radar. My advice is to keep this short and sweet, otherwise it might never be read.

2 Weeks Before NYFW:

Look at the Fashion Week schedule and figure out which shows you want to go to and email the press emails!!! In my case, I emailed everyone because I am still so new and just wanted to be a part of NYFW... it didn't matter which show I went too because they would all be amazing and inspiring to be in a room with people who love fashion as much as I do. ALSO, if you haven't already, DEFINITELY download Fashion GPS. It's an easy way to request and be invited to shows.

1 Week Before NYFW:

Start planning your outfits!!! This is super key. I unfortunately didn't do this and it was a scramble to get everything together in time. I suggest planning an outfit for each show you are attending plus two back ups incase you aren't feeling what you planned. Lay everything out, including your accessories. I suggest shooting your outfits now so you are ready to post them the day of without adding more stress to your day.


Seriously have fun! Don't be that girl who talks about how stressful NYFW is before in all honestly, you are super lucky to attend. If there is a mishap, talk about the mishap.. your followers want to know everything that is happening, not just the good.

Hope this is helpful babes!



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