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Hey, guess what?! I moved!!

As I sit down to write this (over a week after I moved because that's when I got WiFi lol), I honestly can't believe I am out of the Upper West Side and in my new space. Even though I only lived there for a year and a half, it became jam packed with clothes, shoes, cook wear, miscellaneous trinkets from travels, and countless memories. It was the first place I lived with my twin sister after being apart for college. We hosted holidays, pregame, and too many movie nights to count. But here I am, chilling in my new room as if only a week ago I wasn't worrying about schlepping over 30 boxes to my new home. Well, I wasn't going to be the one schlepping... but I didn't realize I would be working with true MVPs.

Moving anywhere is tricky, but in NYC it is near impossible. Not only is apartment hunting super hard and time consuming, but the actual MOVE is rough when you have only one day to get everything done and really no where to even park a moving truck. Luckily, with the help of Roadway Moving Company, my stuff was packed up, moved, and unpacked in only a couple of hours. Seriously... the movers at Roadway even packed up for me. Can you say life changing?!

As someone who stresses over everything, it felt unbelievable to have such an easy move. I am still shocked. And even though I don't plan on moving in the near future, if and when I do, you know who I am calling! :)

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