My Health Journey: Part 2

Let me preface this by saying, I use to hate going to the gym. There, I said it. I grew up going to dance class 8 hours a week and that really took care of the whole "fitness" aspect of my life. But then in college, ballet ended and I was left without any idea of what to even do at a gym and most importantly, I had no healthy emotional outlet. I spent years with gym memberships where I thought that just doing the elliptical was enough and just the thought of going near the weights made me a crippling ball of anxiety.

Well, it's been four years post grad and I can finally say I found a workout routine that not only works for me (pun intended) but that I truly enjoy. So, before my arms fall off because yes, I did just work out (go me), I'll let you know what I have been doing...

1. New York Pilates

In 2019, I changed meeting for coffee to meeting for pilates. It's productive, calming, and a great way to see my friends in a setting that doesn't revolve around food. ALSO, for those who do not know, @newyorkpilates has community classes on the weekend that are only $10 and they are truly amazing! What I love most about this reformer pilates studio is that each class has build-able movements so you are able to go at your own level. From Arms Abs and A$$ to Sculpt + Restore, each class focuses on sculpting and being strong to the core.

2. The Liv Method

I truly do not know where to start with The Liv Method @thelivmethod. Like everything else in my life, I found out about this fitness company through social media and the before and after photos showed me everything I needed to know. That this is a method that works. I worked with their team to find a trainer (shout out Chris... follow him at @cdmeeko1) and then create a fitness program. And honestly, I look forward to working out now. From deadlifts, bench pressing, to even planks (aka legal torture), I know what I am doing in a gym now. And while I still have a ways to go, I feel stronger than I have in a while and "workout" is no longer a taboo word.

Now for my final remarks... I still have a ways to go and these fitness options may not be the right fit for you, but in my humble opinion, they are definitely worth trying if you are looking for the spark you need to start your own health journey.



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