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Renting the Runway

The secret confessions of a shopaholic...

Dress: Parker (here)

Dress: Ramy Brook (here)

Top: Parker (here)

Free time? Shop. Need a break? Shop. Board? Shop. THE CYCLE HAD TO END! Luckily, I heard of Rent the Runway and their unlimited membership and it changed my life.

What is RTR?

Rent the Runway is an online database of designer clothing and accessories that you can rent for a fraction of the cost for any event. You can filter your search based on occasion, fit, color, etc.

What's the point of RTR Unlimited?

Since you are allowed to rent 4 pieces at a time with the unlimited membership ($159/month), it allows you to have a rotating wardrobe without continuously shopping. Now I know this is not for everyone as $159 is not cheap, but for someone who loves high end pieces and has a shopping addiction, picking out pieces to rent has the same appeal as actual shopping.

If you want to test out Rent the Runway, I suggest either going into the store or ordering for an occasion (rent early so you can test the fit) and see what you think! I rented for a shoot last month and loved everything and that is when I decided to sign up for the membership.

Happy *fake* shopping!!



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