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The Secret Life of an Introvert

I know there are followers out there who may look at my Instagram and think that because I post pictures of myself I must be confident. But I have news for you, I am the textbook definition of a shy introvert. I absolutely love staying home and the thought of meeting new people gives me anxiety. My ideal night is me, my sweatpants, and my netflix. Ahhh, sounds like a dream. I've grown accustom to watching my friends post about their fun outings on social media. Yes, it does make me sad, but in a strange way, I always felt somewhat at peace being alone.

This feeling has made instagram both my best friend and worst enemy. It allows me to be in fashion without BEING in fashion but I also have to see what is happening without me because I declined an offer to hang out.

However, thanks to a couple friends, I am constantly being pushed outside of my comfort zone and to try new things (like starting Sneaks to Stilettos). It is my outgoing and lively friends that have helped me grow, and I hope to continue to grow as a person and as an influencer. They truly are the yin to my yang, salt to my pepper, Rachel to my Monica, and so on. So if you are going to take something away from this short little rant, it's that just because you've always been a certain way doesn't mean it is okay not to try new things. Find the right friends to know when to push and when you need a movie night, because in the end, it will all be worth it!!



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